How to reduce the risk of fire in your skip bin

8 March 2019
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Fire safety is important for any type of premises. While you may have a comprehensive fire safety plan for your home or business, many people forget that another fire hazard exists nearby--inside your skip bin. The waste in a skip can catch fire during very hot weather or in the event that a flammable object is placed inside your skip. A fire breaking out in your skip is not only dangerous, but it can also be quite costly. Here's how you can reduce the risk of a fire breaking out inside your skip.

1. Place paper waste inside a sealed container

Paper is a common type of waste produced in homes and businesses. Unfortunately, paper also easily catches fire and can spread flames in a short amount of time. Even worse, paper can be easily blown off your skip and thus spread fire to nearby areas. You can reduce the risk of paper catching fire by placing it inside a non-flammable container before disposing of it in your skip. This is particularly important when disposing of shredded paper.

2. Avoid placing the skip under trees

During hot and dry weather, you should keep your skip at a safe distance from nearby trees and bushes. Dry vegetation can easily catch fire in hot weather and spread flames into your skip. Keep the skip bin away from such vegetation to reduce fire hazards and be extra vigilant during hot weather.

3. Don't place flammable chemicals inside the skip

Some skip bin fires are ignited by flammable materials places inside the bin itself. This is why many skip bin companies specify that you shouldn't place flammable materials such as aerosol cans, chemical waste and gas cylinders inside your skip bin. Lead-acid batteries should not be placed inside a skip, as they can explode when they come in close proximity to fire. You should also cover the skip when not in use. Passers-by may place a cigarette inside the skip bin, which can ignite an accidental fire.

4. Place the skip at a safe distance from your building

In the event that a fire breaks out, your goal should be to minimise damage to surrounding areas. Keeping the flames under control will be key to safety. Towards this end, place your skip at a safe distance from the edges of your home or building. This will prevent open flames from the skip from getting inside your premises.

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