Two reasons to get skip bins instead of wheelie bins for your premises

16 November 2020
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If you're currently deciding what type of outdoor bins you should have on your premises, here are a few reasons why you might want to order some skips instead of wheelie bins.

There will be almost no risk of your bins being stolen

If you order a few stationary skips, rather than several wheelie bins, the chances of them being stolen will be slim to none. The reason for this is as follows; as their name suggests, wheelie bins have wheels that make them very easy to move. Whilst their mobility can occasionally come in handy, it also means that, after they have been emptied by the rubbish collectors and have been left on the footpath, it could be very easy for someone nearby who wants an extra refuse container to snatch one of these bins before its owner can come down and collect it.

As such, if you opt for wheelie bins, they may occasionally go missing and you might have to make do with fewer bins until your replacement ones arrive. This will result in you being out of pocket and having to deal with your remaining bins being overstuffed and very smelly for several days.

Conversely, if you opt for stationary skips, you can sidestep all of these issues, as a skip without wheels would be almost impossible for a person to move around by themselves and so is unlikely to be stolen. It's also worth noting that the sturdiness and immobility of these skips also mean that, unlike wheelie bins, they won't tip over on windy days and leave rubbish scattered everywhere.

A skip could take up less space than the equivalent number of wheelie bins

Skips can often take up less ground space than the number of wheelie bins that can hold the same amount of rubbish as them. This is because skip bins are usually several feet taller than standard wheelie bins; this extra depth means that they can hold a lot of rubbish, without consuming too much ground space.

As such, getting a skip bin or two could be the best move if your business produces a lot of rubbish but its outdoor area is small, as if your bins don't take up a lot of ground space, you'll have more room to use for things like parking spaces, outdoor seating or landscaped areas that will make your premises prettier and more functional.

For more information, reach out to a local skip bin service.