Have You Hired A Skip Bin? Read These Dos And Don'ts First!

22 February 2019
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Skip bin hire is convenient for a number of reasons. Skip bins, for starters, can be employed for a host of projects since they can eliminate a myriad of waste items. From organic waste from landscaping to construction supplies, your skip bin provider is capable of disposing of a majority of waste items. Moreover, skip bins come in a range of sizes so you do not have to settle for a bin that is oversized for your immediate needs! Nonetheless, once you do hire a skip bin, you should know a few things about using this receptacle. Below are the dos and don'ts of using a skip bin for your waste disposal needs.

The dos of using a skip bin

Inform the provider about your waste items: Despite the fact that your skip bin provider can manage a myriad of different types of waste, it is in your best interests to declare what you intend to have disposed of. The type of waste can impact the price of the skip because hazardous waste needs extra precautionary measures to ensure there is no risk of contamination or harm to humans. Moreover, the type and amount of waste you are disposing of will also determine the load capacity of the skip bins and number of bins you will need.

Sort through your waste items: It may seem simpler to chuck all your waste in the skip bin, but this could also translate into high fees. When you take the time to sort through your waste, you can identify items that can either be repurposed or recycled. Choosing not to eliminate these types of waste via your skip bin can help you save some money on the overall cost of rubbish removal.

Maximise on the space available: A mistake a few homeowners make is not loading the skip bin appropriately and this translates into the need for more bins. To maximise on the space, start by placing heavy items all the ways at the bottom of the receptacle. Secondly, any items that can be disassembled should be taken apart before they are placed inside the bin.

The don'ts of using a skip bin

Do not sneak prohibited items into the bin. Waste items such as toxic materials and batteries are supposed to be disposed of separately after you inform the provider.

Do not overstuff your skip bin in the hopes of not hiring an additional receptacle. Overfilling the skip bin makes it challenging to transport the waste, and you will have to partially empty the skip bin.