How to develop a rubbish management plan for your new home

11 February 2019
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There's a lot of excitement that surrounds moving to a new home. You get to enjoy a change of scenery, new space and even perhaps a better house than your former home. Once you get settled in, one thing you'll realise is that you need to keep the home clean. This involves developing a proper rubbish management plan. If you don't know how you'll handle rubbish in the home, you may end up struggling to keep your space clean.

Here are four important steps to follow when developing a plan for domestic rubbish management.

1. Determine where to place garbage bins

Garbage bins are the main vessels used in homes to temporarily store trash. If you don't place these bins in the right places, you and your family may end up throwing trash in other areas of the home.

Start by doing a walkthrough of your house and determine areas where people are likely to throw trash. For example, corridors, kitchens, living rooms and garages are some of the most popular places where a garbage bin comes in handy. You may also consider putting a bin in the bathroom and one of the bedrooms. With a proper placement strategy, you'll have an easier time transferring indoor rubbish to your outdoor garbage bins.

2. Prioritise recycling

Next, you should have a proper recycling plan. Recycling can help you save money while keeping the home cleaner. In addition, you'll be playing an important role in sustainability by recycling. Many household items are fit to be recycled, such as plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, glass and plastic bags.

You can make recycling easier by placing labelled bins around the home. Proper labelling ensures that you and your family don't confuse where everything should go.

3. Use bright colours

Part of proper rubbish management is making it fun. Instead of the usual black rubbish containers, look for colourful ones such as red, green and blue to liven up the home. People will also have a hard time failing to see a bright red garbage bin in the hallway or a blue one in the kitchen.

4. Establish how often the garbage truck comes by

Finally, develop a trash pickup plan with your rubbish removals company. If you need garbage removed once a week, make sure you're ready for trash day- and that the schedule is enough to keep up with your garbage production. Many homeowners end up with overflowing garbage bins because they didn't take time to develop a pickup schedule that works for their homes.